Cell Phone Policy


Cell phones may be used before school (before 7:20), after school (after 2:40), in the hallways during class changes, and during lunches.  However, during the class period, the teacher will set the guidelines for the use of cell phones in his/her classroom.  If a student has their cell phone out and violates the teacher’s policy, the teacher will confiscate the phone and turn it into the Assistant Principal’s office.  A parent or guardian will have to pay $15 to get the phone.  If the student refuses to give the cell phone to the teacher the student will be suspended for one day. 

Earbuds may be used in the hallways during class changes, however headphones (ex. Beats) may not be used.  If these items are worn in the halls they will be confiscated immediately.   Refusal to give headphones to a teacher or AP is a one day suspension.

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