Last Student Pick Up is 2:20 PM

Please arrive prior to this time so we may assist you. 


**After 2:20 we are not able to send for students.**

Student's Last Name      Call: 

            A - H               Andrea Kostawich        281-373-2556            

            I - Z                 Amy McClellan             281-213-1999            


Absences If a student is absent and the Attendance Office has not been notified, the parent or guardian will receive an automated phone call of the absence. Fax Number: 281.213.1998. Please indicate Attention Attendance Office

Written Notes - Excused Absences: We must receive WRITTEN notes from parent/guardian or doctor for All ABSENCES. Notes received after the 3rd day will be processed as a "late note".

If a student misses 9 or more days of the first semester or 10 days of the second semester, the parent will receive an Excessive Absence letter, which means loss of credit.

Returning from an Absence

Students are required to provide a note from a parent or guardian for each absence within three (3) days from the date of the absence or consecutive absences. Notes received after the 3rd day is a “Late Note” The attendance code for not receiving a note is (NC) “No Contact”.

A student absent without permission from school or from any class will be considered truant and subject to disciplinary actions, which may also include court action.


We are unable to deliver anything except messages to your student's classroom. Messages will only apply towards doctor appointments, legal appointments, change of transportation, and medical situations with immediate family members.

Any items brought to school must be left at the front, near the receptionist.

EA Letters

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