Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to check-out a textbook?
Most classes will not have textbooks issued. The classes that issue textbooks will make arrangements for student to check them out.
What do I do if I lost a textbook?
Check with your teacher. Then, check with the AP office to find out the cost of the textbook. Payment for lost textbooks should be made with the Finance Office, which is located inside of the AP office.
Where do I go to get a Transcript or copies of my school records?
All transcript and student records requests should be made with the Registrar’s Office.
Where do I go to withdraw from CyRanch High School?
Report to the Registrar’s Office for assistance with withdrawing from school.
Where to I go to get advice about schedules, personal problems, college, trade school, or any other school related issue?
See your counselor at Counselor's Corner during your lunch.
What is the policy for Tardies?
Students are given 6 minutes between classes and are counted tardy if they are not in their rooms.
  • Being late for class is a tardy.
  • Arriving 10 minutes late to class will be counted as an absence.
  • Tardies cannot be excused by teachers, parents, or other students.
  • Excused tardies in the form of a pass can only be issued by administrators, counselors, administrative secretaries, or the nurse.
  • Excessive tardies will result in disciplinary action.
  • If you are late to class (within 10 minutes) report to class as soon as possible.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late to class (2nd ‚Äì 7th period), check in at the attendance office.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late to school (1st period), check in at the attendance office with a note from a parent/guardian.
What do I do if I become ill during the school day?
Get a pass from your teacher, and go to the Clinic.
I need to take medication during the school day.  How is this handled?

The medication policy for Cy Fair ISD states that parents must bring medication to the clinic and provide written permission with request of administration directions.  This policy, although time consuming is an effort to provide for the maximum safety of our students.  As a result, medication administration is taken very seriously.

Teachers and staff are not allowed to give students medication except per district guidelines.  The only exception to this rule are persons who hold after school events such as trainers, band and drill team instructors  who may administer meds to a student while participating in their event.  

Where do I go to pay a fee or fine?
Report to the Finance Office, located in the AP office after school or during lunch. The office hours are from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
What do I do if I need to miss school to visit a college or university?
You must obtain a College Visit Permission Form from the Attendance Office prior to your visit. Have your parent or guardian sign the form prior to having your assistant principal signing it. Turn the form into the Attendance Office with stamp from the college or university upon your return to school.
What do I do if I need to leave school early?
Go to the Attendance Office before school with a note from home that has a phone number where a parent or guardian can be reached for verification.
What do I do when I return to school from an absence?
Bring a note from your doctor or your parent/guardian to the Attendance Office within 3 days of the absence.
What is an "EA"?
An "EA" is Excessive Absences - missing more than 10 days of any class within one semester. If you have 10 or more absences, you should meet with your Assistant Principal to arrange to make up the days you missed so you can avoid losing the credit for that semester.
How do I find out what bus I take?
On the District links, under Transportation, select Which Bus Do I Ride?, enter your address, then click search to find your school and bus information.
What do I do if I want to ride a different bus home to a friend's house?
Students are not allowed to ride on any bus other than the one assigned. The student will need to ride the assigned bus and make arrangements after arriving home.
What do I have to do to ride the Late Bus?
Late busses are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In order to ride the late bus, a student must either be with a teacher until 4:30 p.m. or be in study hall to receive a late bus pass/stamp. NO student can ride the late bus without an official late bus pass/stamp.
What is the CyRanch policy on electronics at school?
Cell phones may be used before school (before 7:25 a.m.), after school (after 2:30 p.m.), in the hallways during class changes and during lunches. However, during the class period, the teacher will set the guidelines for the use of cell phones in his/her classroom. If a student has their cell phone out and violates the teacher’s policy, then the teacher will confiscate the phone and turn it into the Assistant Principals’ Office. A parent or guardian will have to get the phone. If the student refuses to give the cell phone to the teacher, the student will be suspended for one day.

Earbuds and headphones are not allowed to be used in the hallways during class changes. If these items are worn in the halls, they will be confiscated immediately. Students may use earbuds before school (before 7:25 a.m.), after school (after 2:30p.m.) and in the Commons or patio during lunches. Refusal to give headphones to a teacher or an AP is a one day suspension.

What is the Dress Code at CyRanch High School?
  • Pants must be worn at the waist or upper hip and must not reveal underclothing. Holes/cuts/rips in jeans must be mid-thigh or below - no sagging, bagging, or revealing jeans.
  • Shorts and Skirts must be fitted at the waist or upper hip, must not reveal underclothing, and must be mid-thigh in length or longer.
  • Tops, Shirts and Blouses must not reveal underclothing, midsection, torso, back, chest, breasts or cleavage - no spaghetti straps, backless, low cut or short tops, shirts, or blouses. Tops must fit properly and cover all underclothing. Graphics and wording on t-shirts must be school appropriate.
  • Dresses must not reveal underclothing, midsection, torso, back, chest, breasts, or cleavage and must be mid-thigh in length or longer.
  • Shoes must not detract from or interfere with the learning environment or present a safety or health hazard. Tennis shoes or closed-toe shoes are preferred. House shoes/house slippers of any kind are not allowed.
  • Head Coverings, no type of head covering is to be worn with the exception of (1) a cap or hat that is part of a uniform worn for a school activity or (2) for religious or medical purposes. Knit/crochet caps, beanies, berets, silk shower caps, bandannas, scarves, or head wraps are not allowed.
  • Underclothing must not be visible; pajamas/lounge-wear are prohibited.
  • Jewelry/Piercings, Noisy, distracting and excessive jewelry or accessories are prohibited and must not detract from or interfere with the learning environment or present a safety or health hazard.
  • Tattoos must not be gang related or otherwise inappropriate.
  • Hair Style/Color and Makeup must not detract from or interfere with the learning environment. 
Students who come to school in violation of the district and/or campus dress code must correct the violation by changing into appropriate attire. If the student fails to comply, school officials will issue consequences as designated in the Code of Conduct. Students who have a question about the appropriateness of an item should discuss the specific item with the appropriate staff member before wearing the item.

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