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Administrative Team

Principal Robert Hull
Associate Principal Robert Brotemarkle
Assistant Principal          A-Col Jason Tullos
Assistant Principal          Com-Gr Nicole Chandler
Assistant Principal          Gu-Le Michael Peck
Assistant Principal          Li-N Shannon Roth
Assistant Principal          O-Sl Kristen Brower
Assistant Principal          Sm-Z Dale Cowser
Lead Counselor Dede Cash
Counselor                        A-Can Danielle Abrams
Counselor                        Car-E Lindsey Housson
Counselor                        F-He Kristy Chavis
Counselor                        Hi-Le Natasha Brooks
Counselor                        Li-Mo Jacinda Jordan
Counselor                        Mu-Ri Cate MacGregor
Counselor                        Ro-Tan Latrice Patton
Counselor                        Tar-Z Brandye Jackson
Director of Instruction Vivian Bennett
Media Specialist Jean Qualtrough
Nurse Angela Baird
Special Education Administrator Tanir Gilreath
Testing Coordinator Kristie Schad
Academic Achievement Specialist Shahana Wallace
DI Helping Teacher Lisa Parliament

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